Cardinal Gibbons Council #2521
Home of Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William E. Lori
and Past State Deputy Steve Cohen
4301 Klosterman Avenue   Baltimore, MD 21236   410-256-2737


WHAT DOES OUR COUNCIL DO? Each Council operates within four major program categories as a Catholic family and fraternal service organization. These four categories fall under the "Faith in Action" program model.

"Organized into Faith, Family, Community and Life categories, the Faith in Action program model empowers Knights to come together to share faith, celebrate fraternity with loved ones, and do what they do best stand shoulder to shoulder in service to the community and to defend life at all stages and in every condition."

To read more about Faith in Action, go to the KofC Supreme website (Supreme Council button shown above) or go directly http://www.kofc.org/en/programs/index.html.

Here is a list of some of the activities we have at Cardinal Gibbons Council.

Faith: Activities that support and recognize the important work of the Catholic Church:

  • Memorial Mass to commemorate those members who have died during the year
  • Priest Appreciation night to celebrate and recognize the priests in our area
  • Founders Day Mass and Breakfast to commemorate our namesake, Cardinal James Gibbons, on the anniversary of his death and celebrate the founding of our order
  • Night to honor Mary our Mother

Family: Activities that recognize and thank the relatives of our Brother Knights

  • Family Picnic
  • Children's Halloween Party
  • Children's Christmas Party
  • Children's Easter Party
  • Annual Widows luncheon

Community: Activities that assist those individuals who need special attention such the homeless, the unborn and the mentally challenged:

  • Filling book bags with school supplies to donate to needy children at local Catholic schools
  • Annual Red Cross Blood Drive
  • Public Service Awareness night - a chance to recognize the fire and police departments in our area
  • Weekly visits to volunteer at the Franciscan center in Baltimore City
  • Monthly visits to volunteer at Our Daily Bread in Baltimore City
  • Soccer shoot out at Villa Maria at St. Vincent's Center
  • Pumpkin donation to Villa Maria for Halloween party
  • Basketball shoot out at Villa Maria at St. Vincent's Center
  • Christmas poster contest at local Catholic schools

Life: Activities that stress the importance of all life.

  • Baby bottle spare change collection to benefit Center for Pregnancy Concerns
  • Collecting baby shower items for donation to Pregnancy center in Baltimore
  • ProLife march locally and in Washington, DC
  • MaryGold program - distribute marigolds to mothers at Mothers' Day Breakfast
  • Monetary donations for Ultra-sound machine

We also have several social activities that build fraternity and raise funds for our charitable work:

  • Crab Feast
  • Italian night dinner & dance
  • Testimonial Cocktail Party
  • Adult Christmas Party
  • New Years Eve Party
  • Valentine's dinner & dance
  • Bull, Oyster & Shrimp feast
  • St. Patrick's dinner & dance
  • Decades Dance